2011 WOMEN IN LOVE AND KISS passionate lesbian movie kisses

Have a look on my new version 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MudMA16nxs “If the eye can´t convince,the lip can´t persuade.” “Kann der Blick nicht über…

Laced with a refreshing self-irony, this doc is a tour-de-force story of lesbian love. Provocative animated sequences, colourful archive and a dynamic soundtrack lead an intelligent exploration of life as a lesbian in Denmark. Travel from the secrecy of the straight-laced 1950s to the gender-bending queer community; from a nuclear family with two mums to the summer camps waging war on make-up and men; and finally to Ena, a Muslim and pro MC of ‘Fagget Fair.

25 comments to 2011 WOMEN IN LOVE AND KISS passionate lesbian movie kisses

  • pegasus78w  says:

    What an intelligent comment…

  • Abdorrahman Alkhodair  says:

    Fuck you

  • dasydkid  says:

    I really like this vid its so cute!!!

  • Bianca LM  says:

    Whoa!! very nice song well done! purrrrrfeccccccct!! love the accent it sounds French but it’s German great singer by the way, love does not know borders, language or sex!! the images matches the passion between Lezzie Love! -))) Kudos to you!!

  • Charinee Kraokreu  says:

    nice song

  • Ekush Thevdóràshvili  says:

    nice :)

  • jodiehelyer08  says:

    I love this one

  • sali ahmed  says:

    Very nice

  • trixie arpon  says:

    you say it right

  • megansalt  says:

    the clips from World Unseen (the two Indian women) are really beautiful.

  • lala lola  says:

    waah i want thiiiis

  • Daniel Lawren  says:


  • VICKY MENDEZ  says:


  • konata hernandez  says:

    This was wonderful..thank u. And thanks for the names.

  • Chebbi Elaa  says:

    thaank youuuuu :D

  • pegasus78w  says:

    That´s Juliane Werding -the best German female singer ever with her unique sensitive voice- with her song “Küss mich in die Ewigkeit” (“Kiss me to eternity”).

  • Chebbi Elaa  says:

    what is the song please?

  • dan lutzka  says:

    love women on women kissing love men on men as well so hot

  • mleal831774  says:

    Love it

  • lidia manna  says:

    grazie di cuore e bellissimo!!!!!!!!!!!!kisskiss

  • mistry jayesh  says:

    nice video

  • pegasus78w  says:

    Danke für das Kompliment. Have a look on my new version,too.

  • suehsse  says:

    its a very nice video for women when loves women ;) thanks

  • pegasus78w  says:

    Thanks for the compliment…and thanks to all the amazing women who take part in that video. :) 

  • maryray10  says:


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