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If you look on any major destination content property on Yahoo these days — Finance, Sports, News — you get the picture pretty quickly. The presentation is a…

Why Black Men Are Homosexuals.

black men homosexuality lgbt lesbianism black women.
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25 comments to 121 Hot Kiss Hot Women Lesbian Neck deep Kissing in work place

  • Lisa Amaechi  says:

    Is he right my people?

  • Mattie Richards  says:

    He makes some very valid points, and shares some truth, however to place
    blame solely on black Women is wrong. From the beginning of time these
    things have taken place, and all are to blame. Absentee black Fathers, all
    the way back to slave owners, and before. I think you have a problem with
    black women. You should explore that, and possibly seek help.

  • Shawn James  says:

    Great video. Lot of truth here. The female headed household has done more
    damage to Black people than slavery and Jim Crow combined. It’s the primary
    reason why we have so much dysfunction and chaos in the Black community
    right now. 

  • PolakFury  says:

    Pain you go so hard this one. So much in depth truth backed up by life
    experiences that you have seen yourself. I commend you for doing such good
    work and producing such videos. Take care.

  • Patrice Epps  says:

    As much as I hate to say it you are right. I am a social worker and have
    seen this many times. My own friend is gay because his mother left him with
    his grand mother and his uncle raped him. This does not mean I like you
    because you want to blame all black women for some black women’s mistakes.
    I still believe you have ignorant views when it comes to black women. Not
    all of us are ghetto, some of us work hard and take care of our children.
    But when it’s true it’s true. And I agree with what was said in this video.

  • Fulani Yira  says:

    Are hispanic women responsible for hispanic male homosexuality? Are asian
    women responsible for asian male homosexuality?

  • countenanceblog  says:

    “Molestation in the…black community is swept under the rug”

    Why child molestation “seems” like a white crime:

    Scenario A: 40-year old white man is found on top of 13-year old white
    girl in the bedroom of a house in whitopia suburb. Cops get called. End
    result: A child molestation committed by a white man gets recorded into

    Scenario B: 40-year old black man is found on top of 13-year old black
    girl in the bedroom of a ghetto hovel. No cops are called, must keep it
    real, must not snitch, it’s just two people doin they thang. Cops are too
    busy drawing chalk lines in Bell Curve City anyway. End result: A child
    molestation committed by a black man is not recorded into NCIC, and as far
    as the world of visible crime statistics is concerned, didn’t happen.

  • UMANEDAKIDD19  says:


  • jay thomas  says:

    They don’t need religion , some one needs to tell them …”wake up to stop
    it seriously stop it “, this joke is not funny to be that way , it’s
    disgusting and is just stop, it is not funny or to be sassy. Stop it , and
    makes me sick to her ppl glorify it

  • Lydia Yvette Lindquist  says:

    Go to Walter Hampton II channel. Muscle queen he is. He’s proud of it.
    Raised well, had a father in the home. He begs to differ with your argument
    sir. LOL

  • nesNYC  says:

    Makes a lot of sense and even the hyper-masculine males out there covering
    up the fact that they might have homosexual tendencies. 

  • Thug von  says:

    Bunk. Are you somk’in the funny stuff?

  • SpikeRazzor  says:

    +Lydia Yvette Lindquist Actually in that same video I mentioned earlier he
    claimed a young gay man in his 20′s approched him, wearing his mothers
    dress and explaining how he loved and looked up to his mother so much.
    Walter questioned weither this man was even really gay or just a product of
    what Painless just explained.

  • Lia Atkinson  says:

    I don’t know about this one painless. I have gay relatives and friends and
    some of them had fathers in the home and others didn’t. None of them have
    nasty over the top mothers either. All of them say that they have always
    had a natural attraction towards members of the same sex since they were
    very young. Now, a couple of those guys were molested but they believe that
    other males target guys who are gay because they already have a strong
    feminine energy or presence in them. That made some sense to me because we
    have to wonder why men or boys tend to molest certain males over others? I
    do agree that a lot of homosexuality in the black community is stemming
    from the high numbers of black men going in and out of prison, getting
    ‘turned out’ and they come out with this predisposition. To me,
    environmentally created homosexual or DL men are different from out gays
    because they (environmentally created DL homosexual) just want sexual
    gratification and pleasure above all else. Men who identify as gay tend
    to want love and relationships with members of the same sex above all else.

  • jeff2all  says:

    Good video. A strong male presence in the home balanced by a nurturing
    female presence seems to develop good kids in their formative yrs and sets
    the way they relate to the opposite sex. They have been telling us for
    centuries : 1st God, then man, then woman, then child = the family.

  • Mychaeltodd Robinson  says:

    It’s out right ignorant to say or think that men who are gay; it’s due to
    single mothers raising children alone or with other women- such as
    grandmothers, what about all the men who did have single mothers and are
    straight? Foolishness, don’t waste your time watching this video.

  • mcarthy layne  says:

    that is nonsense. i am male and if i were raised exclusively by women, i
    would gravitate towards women. u r what u r -well most r not by choice, but
    by nature. when did u make the choice to be heterosexual. u cannot
    generalize and that is what u r doing, as if u r some authority. GO THINK!

  • Roger San Gabriel  says:

    I am so happy my family is cool
    We have no jail birds nor 6 or 10 people to a home.
    I did not know some black people still live like this.
    It is sick and sad.
    Keep going Painless I love your videos.

  • Jimmy Rogers  says:

    Thank you for hitting a homerun with this video…I`ve seen this in black
    culture as well as the appalachian culture I witnessed as a kid…and it is
    spot-on. There is so much in common with these two groups and NO ONE will
    ever address it.

  • jay thomas  says:

    Black or white , men want woman to change that is wrong , women are fu**ing
    sexy gender , why a right minded male would think otherwise has severe
    mental issues 

  • SpikeRazzor  says:

    I remember Walter (an openly gay man on Youtube) talked about the same
    subject. He explained how he’s always known he was gay, his parents knew
    and treated him no different but his father didn’t allow him to carry
    himself in an effeminate way and Walter looked up to and wanted to be like
    his father and his uncles who were in his life.

  • jay thomas  says:

    Homosexuality is nothing more than messed up wiring in your head, or
    feminine men , it’s a plague that will destroy humanity like abortion

  • Demetrius Stone  says:

    In case you didn’t read my response to this drivel in BA on Facebook.

    “A few days ago, some misinformation laden video entitled “Why Black Men
    Are Homosexuals” was posted in this group. A video full of half truths,
    non-truths and truths pulled out of the presenter’s ass on the fly based on
    nothing more than anecdotal bullshit. A video full of played out
    stereotypes and misleading misconceptions you’d expect from the National
    Organization of Marriage or the Family Research Council. I won’t write the
    name of the individual who made this asinine and harmful and insipid video,
    instead, I’ll refer to him as”Painful Lowering”.

    I’ll start out by saying that I am a non-heterosexual black man. I am a
    pansexual, this means that I experience sexual attraction and romantic
    interests for people regardless of biological sex or gender identity. The
    most meaningful relationship I ever had was with another male. The running
    theme of this video, was that black men turn gay due to a lack of strong
    male presence and role models. First of all, you don’t “turn gay”, you are
    born gay, PERIOD. No Ifs, Ands or Buts about it, you are born gay and you
    develop this attraction before or around puberty just like straight people.
    Second of all, this moron brings forth some stereotypical form of
    masculinity for all men to follow. First of all, one does not have to be
    masculine to be straight and one does not have to be feminine to be gay or
    vice versa. Being gay is not a masculine or feminine trait, just like being
    straight is not a masculine or feminine trait. Being gay is simply the
    trait of being attracted to people of the same gender, nothing more,
    nothing less. It’s like how atheism isn’t synonymous with being
    intelligent, you made this very clear in your video, Painful Lowering.

    Now back to me, my father has been with my mother for nearly 30 years. My
    parents have always been there and have a very respectful and supportive
    and considerate and cooperative marriage. My father never left us for any
    prolonged period of time unless it was for his job. My father is a retired
    Marine sergeant who left the corps highly decorated. He taught me things
    like honor, integrity, honesty and how to show strength of character. My
    father is like a black Ned Stark, basically. Other than my father, I grew
    up in an extended military family and had several male mentors who were
    also veterans. A Korean War vet who served in the Marines when it was still
    the most racist branch of the military. A retired Lieutenant Colonel who
    had five attack helicopters shot out from under him in Vietnam. A great
    uncle who was wounded in Vietnam while serving in the Army as an
    infantryman. A retired paratrooper and First Sergeant who had two Bronze
    Stars, the first was for capturing a Cuban general under heavy fire in
    Grenada in ’83. A retired special forces Colonel who inspired me to
    continue writing and to stay in school when I wanted to drop out and join
    the Marines with a GED. All of these men, aside from the helicopter pilot,
    were black.

    I may not fit one of the stereotypical, caricatures of masculinity that
    black men and men in general are SUPPOSED to aspire to, but I am by no
    means a wilting flower. I hold a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do and have studied
    the useful parts of several other martial arts. I spent my teen years
    preparing to enlist in the Marine Corps as an infantryman with the intent
    of joining special operations, eventually. I attempted to sign up during
    the most violent period of the Iraq War without balking and was only turned
    away due to a vision problem (photo-sensitivity). And no, I’m not a fool, I
    was a member of the Honor Society and had scored high enough on my ASVAB to
    land any MOS I desired in the Marine Corps. This rose has thorns,
    motherfucker. This leads me to another fail point in your video, Painful

    This was the point of your fail video where I nearly vomited in my mouth
    from the rage induced by this tribute to ignorance you call, “an opinion”.
    The part where you blame the confusion and pain felt by young, black gay
    men and teens on their homosexuality. If you had said that to my face, the
    urge to drop you would have been strong. I grew up, watching TV and seeing
    male characters I subconsciously thought were beautiful. I was too young to
    be sexually attracted to them, but I was old enough to be taken by their
    beauty, and it was the same for female characters and trans characters and
    androgynous characters. I remember forcing myself to suppress these
    feelings for years and years. I was confused and disturbed by these
    developing attractions, not because I intuitively saw them as some sort of
    shameful aberration, but because MORONS and BIGOTS and the misguided and
    the ignorant looked at me my entire life and TOLD me they were. They told
    me that I would burn in hell, that my community would disown me, that my
    parents may disown me or force me into one of those Re-education camps for
    gay kids. And that’s what they are, re-education camps, you can call them
    whatever you want, that doesn’t change what they REALLY are. I fought these
    feelings so hard, that I became homophobic for a good chunk of my life. Not
    only did I hate gay people, I hated a part of myself and for no good god
    damn reason. I had to make friends with a black bisexual girl, who was also
    in the honor society, to come to terms with, and embrace, my sexuality.
    Being able to be open about these feelings were what helped me heal and
    took away my confusion. Talking about them with a caring and accepting ear,
    someone who wouldn’t shame me or make fun of me or disown me.

    You may ask why I went in so hard on something that was supposed to be an
    “opinion”. Of course, Painful Lowering would ask, he doesn’t have the
    intellectual capacity to see why his “opinions”, are not harmless. I had a
    friend I knew and grew up with, someone I’ve known my entire life. He grew
    up around the same dudes I grew up with, and had a father who stuck around.
    We were right beside each other in Junior Army ROTC and rose through the
    ranks. (I eventually became Sergeant Major of our battalion and he was a
    platoon leader/staff officer.) We went to summer boot camps together and
    roughed it out with the best of them. He was secretly gay until we
    graduated high school, he was also in the honor society with me and my
    bisexual friend. He ended up going to the same college as my younger sister
    and when he showed up, he had marks on his neck. When my sister asked where
    they came from, he said that they were caused by his stereotypically
    masculine father attempting to strangle him to death when he came out over
    the summer after our graduation. I wonder how “harmless”, his opinions were
    before he attempted to wring the life out of his own son. I wonder how
    “harmless”, the opinions of the people who taught this guy’s father how to
    feel the way he felt about gay people were until THAT moment. I nearly lost
    a friend to an “opinion”, so don’t you dare tell me that opinions are

    Painful Lowering’s video, was merely pseudo-intellectual, high functioning
    coonery disguised as hard won wisdom and experience. This is the worst kind
    of coonery, the type that is covert and passes itself off as “knowledge” or
    “common sense” or “opinion”. It’s the type of coonery that Steve Harvey
    espouses every day on his soap box. To that, I say, how dare you Painful
    Lowering. How dare you take away the hard, lonely journey so many gay and
    non-heterosexual black men face. How dare you take away their genuine
    feelings and emotions. How dare you take away their personal agency and
    sense of self. How dare you take all of these things, these meaningful,
    painful, life defining inner experiences and emotions and reduce them to
    outright falsehoods and stereotypes and anecdotes.

    Lastly, how dare you ignore years of sociological research and study of
    human sexuality and simply supplement that vast wealth of knowledge with
    uninformed coonery. Next time, sit your ass down and read some scientific

  • TheMisterPeeflows  says:

    Trolls will be blocked! lmfao! Loved this video.

  • Papa Smurf  says:

    See me holding my butt? That’s because anal sex HURTS! OWWW!

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