10 Couples: Heather and Carol

Chuck and Larry, meet Heather and Carol, a couple of 16 years who were denied hospital visitation rights in a life-or-death situation. Ten gay and lesbian co…

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19 comments to 10 Couples: Heather and Carol

  • Philip Santiago  says:


  • reguilaa  says:

    Oh! I Love your video. Thanks for sharing your live.

  • IrishEyes1989  says:

    I wish I could give both of these women a great big hug. Hearing the way
    Heather stood up to that homophobic cunt of a nurse made me so proud to be
    a member of the lgbt community.

  • tottie66  says:

    lovely what a beautiful couple

  • J Guzman  says:

    God bless you two.

  • ozlala82  says:

    wow, you can really tell that they are in love!

  • silentsuicide  says:

    inpiration.. now thats love there.. i wish you both luck..<33

  • CongoBlue  says:

    Heather and Carol, you are such an inspiration. Love one another and don’t
    change. I wish you both love and happiness, Chris

  • OutMaturity  says:

    This video brought me to tears. So touching, honest and sweet at the same
    time. LOVE in its purest form, simply put! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Michael OutMaturity

  • CongoBlue  says:

    Please can Gabriel and Chris join your group? We would like that very

  • MicroTex23  says:

    I can’t find the difference either but one thing I will say is unique is
    that you both seem to have absolute love for each other. Many spouses or
    partners would have left. You are loved & blessed and thats all that
    matter. The world need more peace & love

  • Chris E  says:

    it really pissed me off when you mentioned abt the ER doctor. how could she
    said that??? she supposed to save carol’s life, NOT asking abt a piece of
    paper!!!…heather, am glad you had given her a piece of ya mind :) …she
    deserved it for being such an ass!!!…well, wish you two all the bez &
    take care :D

  • TippingWater  says:

    Aw , this is great !:)

  • mapleleaves85  says:

    “i am the one who take out the garbage…” that is too cute. I would marry
    her too just for that.

  • HappyCaramel  says:

    Touching. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • mapleleaves85  says:

    “i am the one who take out the garbage…” that is too cute. I would marry
    her too just for that. I know man who left their wives during radiation
    treatment for breast cancer…enough said.

  • oldetavern  says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! Best of luck to you both.

  • rockxxxjunkie  says:

    This is a very important series. You should broadcast it big time!

  • sweetbutdaring  says:

    You’re a lovely couple, I hope things stay wonderful between you.

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