10 Couples: Hattie and Amorie

10 Couples: Hattie and Amorie

Chuck and Larry, meet Hattie and Amorie, a couple who braved surgery without the medical support other married couples receive. Ten gay and lesbian couples t…
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9 comments to 10 Couples: Hattie and Amorie

  • Leesh1234  says:

    Very cool! Thanks for being out there for us all!

  • LoveToday8  says:

    I agree, marriage does elevate you. Ladies, we will get there.

  • idocartoons505  says:

    Wow, I hope to find someone as special to me as you guys are to eachother
    some day! Thanks for posting.

  • TopNotchDom  says:

    Sweet Real Sweet

  • Belinda Anderson  says:

    This makes me hope that I can find a special someone like these two found
    each other.

  • zalmonet  says:

    They are so beautiful together!!

  • Whitchicken  says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this story it really moved me.

  • TheJonem  says:


  • n0gar  says:

    It is funny to me how gays keep making propaganda films. They want to
    brainwash us into thinking that it is normal. They want to live normal
    lives while doing abnormal things. You cannot be into religion and be gay.
    You cannot “have kids” and be gay, but they demand that too. You gays had
    better leave well enough alone or you may find yourselves being lynched!

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